How to use that aeropress like a boss!

How to use that aeropress like a boss!

The Aeropress has a cult-like following. Since it’s release in 2005 by frisbee company Aerobie, the Aeropress has slowly but surely become a favourite in the specialty coffee community. It’s inventor, Alan Adler created it in response to the question “How can you make just one cup of coffee?”. Even though the Aeropress is loved, it can be tough to master! So we have a few tips for you to make a great Aeropress brew!

 Don’t Be Afraid To Mess Around and learn

The Aeropress is designed to be a fun brewer that you can control everything! Grind setting, water temperature, the amount of coffee to water are all controlled by you. So don’t be afraid to change a few things around just playing around with all of the variables, and find your favourite brew! 

Just Cool It will ya!

We’ve said this before, and we’ll say it again, boil the kettle and leave it cool down for about 2 minutes. We brew the Aeropress at a variety of different temperatures, but at home we just boil the kettle and leave it sit for a while. This just makes sure the coffee doesn’t taste burnt and nasty!

How to use that aeropress like a boss!

Try The Inverted Method

Most people brew the Aeropress with the filters facing down, as it was intended by Alan Adler. But what many of the Aeropress champions do, is turn it upside down and brew that way. This is called the inverted method. Some people argue that it creates better tasting coffee as the coffee is totally immersed in water, others say that it doesn’t matter at all! Try it next time for yourself. Give it a bit of a wiggle when you’re about to press!

Why not Grab a Chopstick!

If you are using the inverted method, you might want to stir the mix when you’re brewing. Aeropress supply a stirrer for this but it’s not the greatest if you want to give it a proper stir. To counteract this, we grab a chopstick and get right in there! This gets to every single bit to ensure everything is brewing. Chance it sure! We used the handle of a thin fork to demonstrate it, it works just as well!

Reuse The Filters

Sounds odd, but the filters were actually designed to be reused! Some avid Aeropressers use them up to 20 times! Give them a good rinse under water when you’re finished, and bobs your uncle! We wouldn’t recommend this if you want a consistent cup, but if you’re up for trying something new every time, give it a shot!



Consistency is key!

As always, grab your weighing scales and your timer when you’re brewing. It’ll help you make your favourite brew everytime!

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